Who is laying all these tiny eggs?

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    May 7, 2015
    We have 3 hens just about 2 years old, and 6 pullets that are 21 weeks old.

    One of our 3 hens has always been smaller and weaker than the others, and quite frankly, I don't think she ever laid any eggs. When we only had 3, we would only get 1-2 eggs per day, and I'm 99% sure none were from her.

    1 of the 3 hens resumed egglaying a few weeks ago and has been laying almost every day. Another of the hens laid for a few weeks back in Jan/Feb, and then stopped and she doesn't seem to have resumed.

    2 weeks ago, we found 1 normal-sized egg and 1 small egg. We thought it was one of the pullets starting to lay, but then I kept seeing the small hen sitting on the small eggs and assumed they were from her.

    Today, I discovered our broody-licious hen sitting on THREE tiny eggs. I found her around 8:30 this morning, and as of 6 pm last night, the coop was clear of eggs.

    WHAT is going on?? I am baffled.
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    May 7, 2015

    The two on the right are about half the size of the one on the left, which is the size of a "large" or "extra-large" supermarket egg
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    Smaller eggs are probably from your pullets.

    Check these things to see who is laying and who is not.

    Combs and Wattles:
    Plump, shiny red - usually means laying.
    Shriveled, dryish looking and pale - usually means not laying.
    Tho I have found that the combs and wattles can look full and red one minute then pale back out the next due to exertion or excitement, can drive ya nuts when waiting for a pullet to lay!

    Vent Appearance:
    Dry, tight, and smaller - usually not laying.
    Moist, wide, and larger - usually laying.

    Pelvic Points, feel for the 2 bony points(pelvic bones) on either side of vent:
    Less than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means not laying.
    More than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means laying.
    (Spacing is relative with chickens size and humans finger size.)

    Pelvic Points are labeled 'F'
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    One way to find out might be... use food safe die, (not red because it invites pecking) and paint the vent of who you suspect (at roost time). When the egg is laid it will leave streaks of the color giving you a nice indicator.

    Really, I would suspect one of your pullets. They are the right age! [​IMG]

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