Who names their chickens?


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Jun 15, 2020
TyCo, West Virginia
Just wondering if anyone named all of their chickens? I currently have 23 and they all have names.

  • Burt - Black sex-link ( BR/RIR )
  • Atlas - Barred rock
  • Rex - some kind of cuckoo maran cross
  • Poe - Black Australorp
  • Charlie ( was originally just Not-Poe because I ran out of names. My dad ended up naming him ) - B Australorp
  • Maude - Black ameraucana
  • Yukon - Black australorp
  • Miss Prissy - black australorp
  • Henrietta - ISA brown
  • Henny Penny - ISA brown
  • Daria - black ameraucana
  • Tilly - black sex-link
  • Nelly - barred rock
  • Mimzy - white leghorn
  • Winnett - white leghorn
  • Athena - white leghorn
  • Pip - white leghorn
  • Reeses - ISA brown
  • Copper - ISA brown
  • Milly - ISA brown
chicks ( gender to be determined ):
  • Dottie - ISA brown/???? mix
  • Pepper - black sex-link/???? mix
  • Turkey - black australorp or black sex-link/????
it’s too early to figure out who their dads are.

ducks ( so they don’t feel left out):
  • Pidge - pekin
  • Barbosa - pekin
  • Drago - pekin
  • Quackerton - pekin
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We also have 50+ chooks, and that amount includes 8 roosters, plus two who might be cockerels... and close to 20 ducks!
Most of the hens have names, and some we may have forgotten their names.
And most of the ducks have names, we have a pen with 12 out of the 20 ducks, that is females only, except for one male named Elon, and all the females have names, and the rest of the amount dont have specific names.
Feathers (Brahma/Cochin bantam)
Amethyst (Barred Rock)
Lilac (Blue EE, was supposed to be a lavender orp.)

Lavender (Blue EE, was supposed to be a lavender orp)
Ms. Frizzle (A frizzle...)
Moon Pie/Moonlight (Bantam Cochin)
Peepers (Blue cochin/brahma bantam)
Nugget (Blue Cochin/brahma bantam)
Scary (Creamlegbar/welsummer)
Baby (EE)
Sporty (EE)
-were named after the spice girls.... Posh and Ginger sadly passed.

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