Who says ducks are messy?


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thats an awesome picture and duck!!!! what is wrong with you people!
my duck "Chuckie" is 3 weeks old and lives in my bathtub! What a smelly monster. The first couple of days I thought what's up with all the "dirty duck hipe" mine was great-then he grew and grew! ahh he's a huge crested bugger--I love him so much!!! I hate the mess and the smel ewwwww... first time owning a duck and last-but boy will this one be spoiled to death! My Dh and I take him for walks and swims in the pond!


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Great pic!!

This is Miss Matilda Pekin Duck. Miss Matilda is a crippled rescue duck and she is my special pet. She used to have a MySpace page, but was getting too many propositions from other drakes, if you can believe that.

She can find a drop of water in the Sahara and make a mudball out of herself.

This is my favorite picture of her.

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