Who stays.. Who goes..and a ? on bantam egg usage..

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    Thought I'd combine my questions.. this might be a bit long..

    I have a flock of 25 chickens (24 hens of various ages and breeds and 1 bantam rooster (well 2 but one is being rehomed))

    My coop is an 8x10 converted amish style shed that they have the full floor plan useage.. and a run that is about 8x12.

    Now.. this many chickens was fine and I felt comfortable with the number when they were free range all day. Circumstances have changed and I've had to keep them totally caged 100% of the time and this isnt' going to change anytime soon.

    I just don't feel comfortable with this many chickens in the space I have with no free range access.. I don't want to stress them out or create a situation in which they are unhappy. So 1/2 of them are being rehomed to a good friend who is starting her flock, this is happening in the next few days.

    I'm having a really hard time deciding who to let go.. [​IMG]

    Perhaps someone who is not emotionally invested in this can give me a reality check..

    I have:
    3 Australorp Hens that are 1 year old this month.
    1 RIR hen who is 1 year old next month
    1 Columbian who is 1 year old next month
    2 EE's who have a hatch date of July of last year
    2 RIRs who have a hatch date of November of last year
    1 EE with a hatch date of November of last year
    9 Bantams
    1 buff who "matches" the little buff rooster who is being rehomed
    2 seabrights (silver & gold)
    2 white and grey.. one 1/4 size and one 1/2 size (this one has no tail..??)
    1 all black
    1 english game
    1 all white
    1 fuzzy silkie who is always broody

    So.. Do I keep mostly full size hens? Do I keep mostly bantams? If I keep mostly bantams.. is there an issue with their eggs and using them in baking (ie since they are small is the ration of white to yolk different..??).

    I was thinking of keeping 4 full size hens and 4 bantams plus the bantam rooster.. that this would make a good sized flock for my space..

    My thoughts were:
    Columbian and oldest RIR because they are my kids favorites.. 1 new RIR and 1 new EE.. as they havent' started laying yet and this would "space out " my layers in age.. and then try and choose 4 bantams..which is hard because they are all so darn cute!

    This really shouldn't be so darn hard.. but it is... [​IMG]
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    Feb 5, 2009
    I dont have any experience with bantam eggs... yet... but from all I've read, they're actually better for baking, because of the higher yolk.

    I think you've got a good plan.
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    Nov 12, 2008
    Hooker, OK
    eggs is eggs...never heard any difference in % of stuff. The only problem is you will need to either weigh or measure your eggs to get the right amount ustead of one egg...

    I like bantams myself...get to keep more in less space!!!

    In the end...leave the ones you can't catch
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    that's funny!!

    So.. the silkie is hanging me up.. keep her or farm her out.. all she does is sit on hay, trying to hatch it.. If I ever wanted to foster chicks.. she might do a good job.. but I'm not sure i'll be getting chicks anytime soon.. I'm trying to downsize!
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