Who to call to take a wood duck


5 Years
Aug 15, 2018
Central NJ
I have 2 ducks. A Cayuga and a Wood Duck. I didn't know "quack-quack" was a wood duck until 3 weeks ago. Her and 2 of her siblings were placed in my parking lot at work and I brought them home. I thought someone, (which still could be) put them there. I do live in a farming community that has Agway and Tractor Supply so seeing 3 ducks-in-a-row is not unusual. Thats how they sell them. But I kept them. 2 ended up dieing but the one thrived, I ended up buying the Cayuga so Quack-quack had company. I also ended up getting chickens. My husband built a huge run which has just been completed. So now, meanwhile the chickens are only loose in the run before I leave for work and when I come home. Ducks are now 5 months old, chicks are almost 3 months old. When the chicks get out into the run, they are of course going crazy cause they are loose, but they are taking it out on quack-quack. She is terrified, she keeps on flying all over the place. This is not the place for her and I am not getting another run for them. The original run they were in was a extra large dog pen attached to their house so they need this extra room. Quack-Quack is far from tame, will not let me near her, just flies away. She tends to hang with the Cayuga all the time for protection. Who can I call so Quack-Quack can be near her own kind and I will get someone else for Sharon (yes Sharon, the Cayuga). Thank you.
We have bird rehabbers, maybe do a search in your area for the same. You could contact the local dept of natural resources to see if they have recommendations.
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