Who wants to test mix/pure duck eggs for shipping cost - CLOSED


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Ok so apparently all my ducks have started to lay within the last 2 weeks. I have a pekin, cayuga and khaki female. They were all in with my Khaki Campbell drake. All of a sudden i was bombarded with eggs!!! So I was hoping someone would test them for me. My drake is mr.hornbill.... so i know hes doing his job. (I've hatched lots of lil khakis, so you will get some pure khakis in there)

Jenjscott hatched my duck eggs and one had a crest! (My khakis dont have crest, must be in their genes).

Shipping for duck eggs is usually around $9. Since they are soooo heavy. Make it $12 even and ill send a dozen+. I will use the medium box (not flat rate) so i can pack a whole heck of a lot in there (the extra $ is for the bubble wrap). You wont be disappointed.

If there is alot of interest in this, I may be able to fill another order next week.
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I'll do it you can send them with my eggs from the swap.how much for shipping?

gladly trade some guineas.
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Put me in line please!
no problem. I should be able to get you next two and thats it!!!!

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