Who would go to see a remake of the classic "True Grit"?

True Grit

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Now I like Jeff Bridges as much as anyone but why anyone would feel the need to remake "True Grit" is beyond me. How could they possibly improve on it? The casting was inspired, the cinematography was beautiful, and really, how dare anyone follow the Duke as Rooster Cogburn? I think I'll go watch the old one right now....
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Gah! Who on God's Green Earth can replace The Duke as Rooster Cogburn? And why would anyone want too? Plus Kim Darby will always be Mattie! When will people learn to leave well enough alone!!!! What's next a remake of the Wizard of Oz or Gone With the Wind?
Sacrilege!!!!! The Duke would sissy-slap Jeffy into the next county. What next? Johnny Depp as Ben Hur?

The fact that he would take that role and think people would go see it is beyond me. No one can ever replace John Wayne in any of his roles. There is a reason no one has done it so far.
john wayne is sooo awesome
it makes me so mad
that they would make another movie the only one that could play in it would be john wayne him self.but we all know why he cant play in it
I told my husband they are remaking this movie and when I got to the part where Jeff Bridges is going to play John Wayne, you should have seen his eyes roll!

I've had my amusement for the morning!
What a waste! I even named one of my dogs Rooster Cogburn and I don't even like most westerns! I refuse to acknowledge it in any way ;-).

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