Whoo hooo for shipped eggs


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Aug 1, 2009
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We know how hard shipping is on eggs, and especially on large eggs like peahen eggs, and this is tough on sellers and buyers. Well I just felt that I had to let you guys know of GREAT experiences I have consistently had with one seller who ships eggs.

Last year I purchased A LOT of eggs in 2's and 3's from LOTS of different ebay sellers, though strangely enough only from one BYCer that I know of, and they were the best. This was Spectrum ranch. They sent 2 sets of eggs and I think I half of all the chicks that hatched last were from those 2 sets. These eggs had come a long way to California.

This year they have sent 2 sets, one of 5 and one of 10 eggs.

Of the first set 4/5 are doing great and due to hatch this week
I briefly candled the second set of 10 eggs. It really was way too early to candle - but anyway I think most, or at least all the light shelled eggs I could see into look promising
. Thank you Randy!!!!

At the same time as Randy sent the first lot this year I got sent 6 eggs from ebay and 5 were totally blank.

I do think that what happens to eggs before they leave the seller is important to how well they tolerate shipping.
It may be a really good reason to know who you are getting your eggs from, and focus on the BYC sellers.



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Oct 5, 2009
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aside from the USPS gorillas,
i think the general health of the parents does play a big part.... healthy parents make strong babies.. to get strong babies there have to be good eggs, and i would bet it's safe to say that most people on BYC are very passionate about their birds.... which usually means well cared for animals....
i'm going to have to attempt to remeber this post for next season.... i have my lone peachick, who will soon be getting some friends from local birds, but depending on what i get sex wise i'll need new blood for breeding....

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