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    I don't know about you guys but I've found that if I aim too high I end up just blowing the whole thing. So, this year I'm planning a SMALL resolution that I feel will be fairly easy to meet, and hopefully exceed. Posted on FB about it, but also sharing here just in case anyone wants to join in my small little step... if you've got a FB and want to join the count please hop over there and hit like... if you don't have a FB then post here if you'd like to be added to the count. [​IMG]


    New Year's Resolution: One A Month

    I resolve to purchase one organic item per month. One apple, one banana, one gallon of milk, one box of cereal, etc for a minimum of twelve organic purchases in the year 2011.

    I resolve to do this so that at the end of the year the organic and non-organic companies will look at the black and white tallies and see that more organic items were purchased in 2011 than in 2010. I do this hoping that upon seeing those black and white facts that the companies will decide that demand for organic products has increased and thus the supply of organic, as opposed to chemical industrial, products must be increased if they wish to keep control of those consumer dollars... which of course they very much do.

    I hope that with this small change on my part that one acre of chemically farmed land will be converted to organically farmed land. And with that change there will be a small, but significant, decrease in the amount of nitrates and pesticides that will enter our groundwater in 2012.

    Once a month I will spend the extra twenty cents to get the organic can of pinto beans, rather than the non-organic. Twenty cents, twelve months, a total of a whopping $2.40 over the course of a year, in the hopes of making a small difference. Or hey, since it's only $2.40 I may just decide to buy twelve cans of those pintos all at once and donate them to Mission Arlington. Doing good on the organic front, and also doing good locally to help those who do not have food to eat tonight. Either way, one time purchase of twelve items, or one purchase per month, I want to make a difference. With our tight budget I know I can't make a large statement, but perhaps, this small statement will make a difference.

    Especially if friends and family, neighbors and coworkers pledge to do the same. One person's voice screaming Organic! in a din can be ignored, true enough. But 10 people? 100? 1000? 1000000? Those voices CAN make a difference. I hope you'll join me in this very small pledge.

    And for those who are already on the forefront, already growing and/or buying organic whenever possible, THANK YOU. You are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of acres that have already been converted. You are responsible for countless tons of nitrates and pesticides not entering our water and poisoning our children.

    So... who's with me? Facebook Specific If you'd be so kind as to hit the like (photo or this post) button?? I'll be reposting this resolution throughout the year, with an update as to the number of folks who plan to, or have already, put in their 12 items worth of cents as counted by the Likes.

    BYC Households In So Far: 18
    Call Ducks*

    *= Confirmed event on FB but also posted their BYC name here or on FB so I don't count them twice!!
    If I put you in the Non-BYC FB list below just lemme know what your BYC name is and I'll move ya up to blue.
    += A Maybe Will Attend The "Event"

    Non-BYC FB Users So Far: 11
    Braingle Tom
    Braingle Papa Fish
    Braingle Teach
    Wyte Nyte
    Anne Marie
    Debbie L

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php...3&set=a.187640101246834.49145.100000025354486 is hopefully the link to this photo's FB page...

    Edit... woohoo, I figured out how to make an event... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=180207115337395&num_event_invites=0 that'll make it easier to track... but an event can't be more than 4 months in duration so I'll have to make a new one a couple times... still, groovy... if you clicky the FB side please lemme know there or here so I don't count you twice on the tally.
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    Count me in!
  3. PineappleMama

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    [​IMG] Oh YAY! They say misery loves company, but IMO crazy people love company WAY more than cranky ones. [​IMG]
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    not to be a spoil sport but some news in case you did not know... But Organic products can be sprayed (well if you buy them from the big chain stores) as there are Sprays that are considered "Organic" and if they are sprayed they are most times sprayed more [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But none the less [​IMG] to you for eating heather
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    Oh I know... but still... ANY shift from hard core chemical blasting to less hard core chemical blasting is a step in the right direction... a small one, true... and maybe eventually we can shift from the soft core blasting to no blasting at all... but for now I'd be happy to see just the teensy tiny step... and since we can't depend on government policy to do it for us (and shouldn't IMO) then it's up to us as consumers to exercise our power to control our supply in the only way we can... the profit line.

    So... Call, you in?
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    Mar 4, 2009
    waterville , canada
    Quote:All reedy do, although i don't buy i grow it for us ( and then some ) this past year i think we had about 2 - 2 1/2 acres planted, not organic but better then again heather then what is in the stores. Ok i am in...

    i guess i could be classified as a "redneck"... a teen that grows a 2 1/2 acre garden (with my grand father) and any one point have at lest 45 chickens and 15 ducks [​IMG]
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    I'm in!!! Well I'v been in for a while but now I won't be alone! [​IMG]
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    My sentiments exactly Purr.

    Redneck wise... DH is one... a Philosophy Major who knows ancient Latin and Greek... but that farmer's tan *fans self* phew. [​IMG]
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    We grow most of our own food and do it organically. Meaning NO pesticides/ herbicides/ fungicides..NONE. It's been 20+yrs since there was any chemicals used on our property.. I hope we are making some change.. We just plant enough for the bugs, deer, rabbit, us and for several others..

    I also look for locally grown, organic food when I purchase... Can I join?
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    Feb 23, 2009
    ^_^ i'm in.. do you mind if i add you on facebook?

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