Whose the boss???


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May 6, 2008
South East MI
How can you tell whose the boss and the rest of the order. For instance, it's always the same one who goes in to roost last every evening. So is he the bottom of the order or does he just like to stay out late like most young males? They are all right around a year old but I have no idea who is the boss.
I'd say you're lucky and have a contented flock if you can't tell!

In my coops, if I stand facing the roost and it is against a wall, the one on my far left on the highest roost is the lead chicken. That spot is in a corner in both coops. I suspect the last one to roost among yours is at the bottom of the order. Sometimes you can see them jostle for the "lead" spot on the roost. Sometimes you can tell by who gets the treats first, and who tends to stay back and let the others eat -- unless it is a roo is being a good roo to his hens.

Those are the only tricks I've noticed, other than who pecks and who gets pecked. Not the most experienced chicken person here, though.
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Thanks for the reply. Actually the only thing that remains constant is that my silkie roo (everyone else is standard size birds) and the Wyandotte roo (my only 2 roosters to 15 hens) are always the last to get treats. Actually the Silkie isn't allowed to have treats according to the girls. I have to lure him away from everyone else so I can sneak him some good stuff. Other than that, I can't see anyone as the boss.

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