Why are my black orpingtons chicks (from blues) speckled with white?


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Apr 24, 2013
I have blue orpington chickens. (I breed blue to blue so I get blue/black/splash) I hatcched my first set of chicks from them on Easter day. They are a month old now, I hatched 6 black 4 blue and 1 splash. When the feathers started coming in on two of the blacks they had white tips on the ends. I've got a couple of photos here of the chicks from last week. They have even more feathers now and more white specks. What's the deal here? Is this normal? I have other chickens that run with my orp roo but none of them lay tan eggs EXCEPT my rhode island red. I thought I was pretty good at telling her eggs from theirs, and I still don't think that if they were mixed with my rir it would make them have WHITE specks. Why do you think they have the spots?
On my screen they look grey, but in real life they are very black. It was just the camera I guess. Here the one with white spots is in the middle (can't see his head)

The spotted one is in the middle you can click on the photo to make it bigger.
Do you know the genetics of the rooster and the hen the chicks came from?
It is very possible this is a recessive gene showing up.
It also could be that one of the grandparents had this gene.

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