why are my chickens laying twice a day

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    I have a blue andulusian and a silver lakenvelder and one of them seems to be laying twice a day. They get layer food and scratch grains and oystershells. I am getting 3eggs a day from only 2 chickens that aren't supposed to be "layers". DO you know why this is happening?
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    I have seen that happen but not consistently.
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    Are any family members or neighbors known to be practical jokers?

    Some hens so release more than one yolk in a day. If they are released at the same time that can mean a double yolked egg. If they are released at separate times, it can mean two different eggs in one day. The hen’s body should be set up to produce only certain amounts of some things that go in or on the eggs. Often the second egg is pretty thin shelled or even soft shelled because the hen’s body doesn’t make enough shell material for two eggs, though some do. Sometimes the egg can be a lighter color because she might not make enough pigment to color two eggs.

    If this happens on a rare occasion, it’s not a big deal. If it happens on a regular basis, it signals something may not be right with her internal egg making factory. One thing that can help trigger an extra yolk release is a high protein diet. If you are really high on the protein, you might consider cutting back just a bit. But I’d consider a potential practical joker a lot harder, especially if the eggs are perfect.
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    Yup...I probably wasted dozens of eggs over the years playing with unsuspecting minds.

    My daughter once brought an egg to school that her pet rabbit laid....I had to handle the call from the preschool teacher, ...who was not so amused...[​IMG]
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