Why are my Chicks doing this?! PLEASE Help!


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I just got 2 Rhode Island Red chicks (female) a few days ago. Theyre about 2-3 weeks old. One of them, as I can already tell, is a follower. No, I take that back, she's a BIG BABY. She HAS to follow what the other one does all the time. (They are currently living in 2x2x2 box until they get big enough to stay in the coop outside) SO they're basically always together, ie sleeping next to each other. But from day one this chick is so needy. She will chirp extra loudly when I take the other chick out of the box or somewhere where she can't see her. But if she does see her, she will fly/rush right to her.

[The non-needy one does not act like a leader by means of bossing or pecking. The needy one just follows out of her own will I suppose..]

I've had 2 Rhode Island Reds before and I've never had this problem. But the difference is that they stayed & slept in separate boxes and never complained when they were apart. We did have them together often enough so that they knew that eachother existed. And when they were moved to the coop, they would stay together when they were let out. They were very well behaved and followed you around the yard.

So generally, I'm concerned that this behavior will develop into a habit & problem later on down road. Should I move them into separate boxes? ANY advice will be greatly appreciated!
I would not recommend separating the chicks. Chickens are flock animals and do better together.

I noticed distinct personalities in all my chicks from the very beginning: meany, laid back, smart, dull, scaredy cat, friendly, etc. I think you've got an insecure chick that is a little needy who just wants to do everything the other does and be together. Sounds pretty natural to me.

It's kind of like our kids. We get what we get. We better love them!
chickens are social animals and do better when you have more than one or five. There is always the pecking order and they usually push each other around to determine this. It appears yours have already figured it out.
My chicks chirp very loudly when alone; say when they enter the coop and leave one out, she chirps until she figures out where she should be.
My suggestion is more chicks, but I am a chicken addict.
Will the needy-ness (and insecurity) get worse as she gets older?
I don't want it to get in the way of the bonding stage.
And I definetly don't want the squaking to get worse cuz when they get older, it will be louder! (our houses are very close to eachother in our neighborhood)

I could be just used to independent chicks from my last set :]
I have 6 ten week old's and I defiantly see the personalities. They free range all day and 1 always gets lost from the rest and starts chirping in panic. Another is always trying new things and the others follow (except for Poky who always gets left behind). Very fun to watch. They will figure it out.
Try not to project human qualities onto a flock of chickens.
I must admit, "baby" and "insecure" were sounding a little too human and had a bit of a shaming quality to them...they are chicks in new surroundings, figuring it all out. Let it be as simple as that.

I hear you in that, there are distinct personalities (you are seeing clear evidence of that!) and they will develop according to those qualities, both in relation to you and each other. Do remember as other posters have mentioned, they are flock animals. By first understanding chicken behaviour, and by watching them, over time as they adjust to their new human friends and their new surroundings, more will be revealed about how they will develop. Be their friend, bring tasty things to try, and talk sweetly to them, and they will become more secure with their new life with you.

I agree with frog n chickens (spelling): get a few more for a healthy social dynamic!

My little flock has many distinct personalities and like my kids I love them all unconditionally, well sort of!

If your worry over their vocalizing is that it will alert neighbours, perhaps it would help to talk to them and confidently announce that you have new flock members who are adjusting, and that's what the noise is all about! HTH!!!
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You will run into more problems if you chose to seperate. The "needy" chick will come into its own when the new environment changes. Other experiences and stimulations will come into play. Just enjoy them as the chicks they are. It will work itself out as time goes on. You are good to be so concerned. It shows that you are a good chicken mommy.
Good luck!~ Tacey

I think my chick, (the one with the insecurity problems) is a boy .... gaaaaah, BUT it is not as scared of being picked up than its independent sister
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