Why are our Wyandotte eggs so small?

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    Feb 9, 2013
    In our flock of 14 chickens we have 2 GLW's and 1 SLW. Their eggs are consistently of small size. One of the GLW has a rump tail and looks like she has Guinea mix but I was told that she is all Wyandotte..... I disagree but her eggs are even more tiny. Since the chickens are less than a year old (9 months) will the Wyandotte's start laying bigger eggs their first year? [​IMG]

    The photo from left to right shows a BPR egg, Wyandotte egg and a RIR egg. This is actually a big egg for the Wyandotte's. Don't get me wrong, the eggs eat fine and I'm not ready to put them in a soup pot or anything.
    These chickens came in a "mixed pullet" order and you get what you get I guess but when we get more chickens I don't think the Wyandotte will be on the list.
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    Since she just started laying,she likely is adapting to it.
    My Black sexlinks layed small eggs,but the more practice they had,th e bigger it got.

    Is your SLW bantam?If so,a bantam will lay small eggs,and it takes about 5 eggs to make 1 omlet.
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    Usually pullet eggs that start out tiny get to full size in about a month. Some breeds lay small eggs. If your hens have genes for those breeds, their eggs may never get beyond the size they are now.

    Typically, Wyandottes lay large eggs, and are regular, good layers beyond most other breeds.

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