why are the yolks almost orange??


12 Years
Oct 27, 2007
Orlando, Florida
Is it something they are eating? I know corn darkens the yellow, but these babies are school bus orange!!
They are fresh, I collect them every day. Is it the newly aquired taste for horse manure?
Or have they found some nice new flowers? Just making sure its not a bad sign.

Mine have been this color since they started laying last year. I think it's because they are getting good feed, fresh air, and aren't locked away in a cage all day. That's the way eggs are suppose to look
That is what an egg is supposed to look like. If eggs are pale yellow those girls are not getting proper nutrition. Orange just means higher quality.
Right now we are getting our eggs from my cousin and they are always dark yellow, taste so much better too.
Access to greens helps, whether from free-ranging or hay. Mine get leftover veggies, salads, and fruits, and I have been known to buy some just for them. When we go trout fishing, I pressure-can the edible scraps from the fish and give that to them occasionally. Talk about a favorite!

Store-bought eggs look anemic next to home-grown eggs.
Your eggs are perfect!!!! Commercial eggs are light sunny yellow. Homegrown eggs are rich deep dark orangey-yellow indicating the good range of nutirents your chooks are getting. Your eggs are better than any grocery store egg could ever be. Yayyyy for school bus yellow yolks!
I have always heard, that means they are fresh! The older an egg gets the lighter it becomes. Dixie
Dixie, I believe it's a balance of nutrition and freshness. If the hen is locked up with others poop as the best nutrition than the slop they are eating, the yolk may be almost WHITE. It also depends on how much nutrients made it into the yolk, and the pigment and minerals.

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