Why aren’t they using the roost?


Mar 29, 2020
Western Michigan
DE567548-AABB-404E-92C6-56E3A5C440ED.jpeg This is our coop with one of our chicks on the roost. They don’t seem to stay on it. Instead I find them along the ledge around the inside of the coop. Will they eventually start roosting or do I need to bring the roost boards up so they are flat? They are almost 4 weeks old so I’m thinking its because they are so young yet?


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Mar 7, 2020
Meridian, MS
Lots of people use 2x4s so I’m not hatin’ but I cut real trees about 3” in diameter. My birds love it but I had to train them to the roost. I had flat spots over the nest boxes. They roosted there. I put boards at a steep angle over the nests. They roosted in the nest. So I waited until dark, slipped out to the coop and started picking chickens out of the nests and putting them on the roost. After about 3 tries, one stayed... all night! I had to leave for a week for work and when I came back all 6 were sleeping on the roost. They just got to learn.


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Jul 16, 2015
2x4's, especially if the 4 is up can give birds a flat enough roost so their toes are covered in winter by their chest feathers. Exposed toes will get frostbite if you are in a colder climate.

A more flat roost also helps older birds who may have some arthritis in their feet. They don't need to grip so hard.

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