Why aren't I getting eggs?


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
I got chicks in the Spring of this year. First week in April (around Easter) I got a PBR, Black Star and Lavender Orpington
Then about two weeks later a pair of EE chicks (since then one was killed by a predator)
First week of May a pair of Buff Orpington chicks

I'm only getting 1/2 eggs per day. The Black Star started laying first and lays faithfully everyday in the morning.
The PBR doesn't seem to lay every day, but nearly every day usually in the afternoon

No one else is laying at all! They are on a high quality organic diet, the Orpingtons are all big, no instances of pecking or bullying, they have a varied diet and a big yard to free range in.

They do free range, but I've search the yard diligiently every day and nothing (the two hens that are laying are using the nesting boxes)

Is it seasonal? Will I not get any eggs until next Spring?
Hens that mature in the fall often take longer to start laying - some of my Easter hatch chicks have just started in the last few weeks, and those hatched later have not started yet. IT is most likely due to decreasing day length.
With the shorter day length, they will not lay as heavy as they do in the spring/summer. They will start laying though. You should be close on the lavender Orp and the EE. Orps will take a bit longer, they are a bit slower to mature. (plus you got them later)

I still have a pullet hatched 3/21 that I'm still waiting on. Her sister already started laying. Their bodies just mature at different rates.
maybe its the shorter daylight hours. we put a light in our coop and have it on timer. They should be getting 16 hours of light a day.

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