Why aren't my chickens clipped wings growing back?


Nov 24, 2020
Australia, QLD
I have three bantams that we clipped their wings about 5 months ago. The white chicken's wing started growing back very slowly about 1 and a half months ago, but the 2 black ones seem to not even started?!!! I live in Australia (so it is late spring/summer), should they have grown back by now? Is it possible that we clipped them wrong and they will never grow back? Please help!!
can you provide pics please? It depends on how far you clipped them, but so far really doesn't sound like a massive panic thing.
Its the end of Spring, going Summer start of December here- I'm in QLD

Our 4 original girls were clipped 6 months ago end of Autumn/start of Winter and have just about all got their feathers back now.

We now have 17 chooks to clip as everyone is practicing running-flying and we can't have any escapes where we are. Will be a fun day!
Mine usually moult just before start of autumn, every year. Yours are probably a little young.

Could be the white bird got some wing feathers pulled out and so fresh feathers came in.

But they will all eventually grow back.

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