Why aren't they eating feed???

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    They do not touch their pellets... They are free range even with the snow but I dont think they are finding much... I give them some scratch everyday...but I dont think I am over doing it...there are 4 of them today they got...1 1/2 oz yoghurt with about tablespoon of oats corn meal and wheat germ mixed in...they didnot eat it all...They are still laying and act fine... their crop feels fine..they have always had pellets so it isn't a new feed for them I crumble it up some before putting it out... should I worry
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    Your 4 chickens must be eating every day. If they are standards, the 4 of them require about 1 pound of feed each day, at least. That 1 pound plus of feed must be well-balanced or they will eat more trying to get what they need.

    It is a good sign that your hens are continuing to lay. Eggs come from nutrients that are not used for the hen's own maintenance. But, these nutrients aren't coming only from 1 1/2 ounces of yogurt and a tablespoon of grain. That won't contribute much to their overall requirements of 16 to 32 ounces of feed. It is probably an excellent food for them, however.

    You haven't said how much scratch you are giving the birds. A source of calcium is a must. I wouldn't have much confidence in your feed if they flat don't want to eat it.

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    You might try adding some warm water with their feed and put it in a dish. Ours appeared to be eating less this winter as well but they will instantly eat feed served like this. A little game bird feed mixed like this is also a favorite.[​IMG]

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