Why brought in eggs hatched fine and my own where fully developed but didnt hatch, what can I give m

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5 Years
Sep 8, 2014
I brought 2 dozen eggs and put them in the same time as 4 dozen of my own eggs. I got 22 chicks from the brought in eggs and only 6 from mine. Some of mine pipped then died but most where fully developed but dead in there shell. I feed my hens wheat and laying pellets, and also they get shell grit and household scraps.
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I think there are many variables in hatching eggs, and I'm not an expert on the subject. Just from my own experience, breed has a big importance in hatchability, but health and nutrition of the parent stock is also very important. Vitamins, trace minerals and a good well balanced feed is important, so I would cut out scraps and wheat. Another factor is the cleanliness, shape, and shell quality of the egg, along with having a clean incubator. I have had terrible luck with shipments of ameraucana and salmon faverolles eggs in the past, but great luck with heritage RIR and German New Hampshire eggs because they just hatched so much easier. Even with my own eggs, the ameraucana and faverolles eggs don't hatch well. Here are some links that may help:

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