Why can I not handle an interview?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Smoky73, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Smoky73

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    Feb 8, 2007
    I am so upset. I had an interview for a new job yesterday and just know I blew it. The job was absolutely perfect for me and I am well qualified for it. But, I cannot seem to answer even very common interview questions. I get flustered, so easily. I have not been on an interview for over 5 years and guess it shows LOL.
    I mean they asked things like "where do I see myself in 5 years" I mean sure, I could answer something like right here in this town, working for the same company, but does that make me look like I have no ambition or goals? I mean this is not a great area to live in, to be honest, you cannot get more small town ish.
    Another question, Describe your personality, blew this by saying things like outgoing and friendly and then in the next breath, quiet, shy? What the heck is wrong with me? I mean I did clarify that I am a quiet shy person until you get to know me, then I am very outgoing and friendly.

    How about "give us an example of how you handle a stressful situation?" An example? uh, I do not know, I did income taxes prior, how much more stressful can it get really? even my husband had a better answer than I could stutter out.

    The only saving grace would be if they contact my references, which are good and it shows I have worked for the same company for the last 5 years. Granted I was fired as the one boss was a big you-know what.... But I gave the other boss as a reference as he told me anything I needed he would give me. Also might help is the potential boss was really inquisitive about the chicken thing, asked a lot of questions, kept bringing it up.

    The boss that actually "fired" me fired me because I brought to his attention that he had not been paying me minimum wage for the last year. I had given him a copy when the wage increase went up the first of the year and he still did not give it to me on my paycheck after I pointed it out. He then gave me a story about he didnt need to because he had less than 5 employees. I knew that was not true. But, he is a control freak and because I confronted him about it, he decided and I quote "I do not think I can work with you anymore" BUT he did pay me all of the back difference he owed me for last year, and what I would have been owed this year. I figure if I was wrong, he would not have paid me anything at all. I contacted the state and I was correct, he was wrong.
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    I'm so sorry. Interviews are very stressful. Maybe he'll check your references and will realize that you were just nervous.

    Maybe try getting a list of common interview questions and prepare answers ahead of time. That way you won't have to think on your feet. Practice helps. [​IMG]

    Hugs to you and hopes that you will get the job anyway. [​IMG]
  3. Omran

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    Smoky, Don't feel bad, some times all of us have our moments when the toung just does not want to say a word, it happens to everybody, and with all what going on, jobs are real limited, but God will take care of us (his Slaves) .

    Just let you know That I am looking for a job for a while and alot of the people I know , I wish you Best of luck.

  4. JennsPeeps

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    It takes practice! I work with MBA students, who are coached constantly on their interview skills. It's not by accident when you ace an interview or when you excel at anything - it's because you've practiced and worked hard.

    Google "job interview questions". Read the questions and practice the answers. Think about what you want the interviewer to know about you.

    You listed 3 questions that you could have answered differently:
    1. "where do I see myself in 5 years"
    2. Describe your personality.
    3. "give us an example of how you handle a stressful situation?"

    Think about these questions and how you would have preferred to answer them.

    As for the "5 years" question, what's the truth? It doesn't look bad if you say, "my preference is to stay in this city for XX reason". Avoid giving reasons that may be illegal for the employer to ask - such as "I want to have a baby in 5 years" or "I'll be 60 in 5 years" - so that you don't give them info that's illegal to consider when offering a job.

    Once you feel confident with your answers, have your husband or a friend do a mock interview with you. Ask them for feedback on your response. These people know you and will know if your answer sounds like you.

    Check out some of these references: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+...ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7SUNA_en
  5. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    Yea I agree-practice. Interview yourself, or have a friend interview you. And I also think that it's not all about what you say, it's how you say it.
  6. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    I got fired from an awful job a few years ago. I was sooo relieved... until I realized that I had left the job before that and burned some bridges. I didn't have a supervisor from my previous 2 jobs to serve as a reference. [​IMG]

    When I was asked why I'd left the company where I'd been fired, I said: It was a small, family-run operation where everyone was married or related to everyone else. I didn't fit in from day one. In addition, the company owners were trying to expand and they hired me to be their marketing director when when they really needed was another support position. Since I wasn't planning to join the company in a support position, and that's where they wanted me, it was destined to not work out. In addition, my passion is to be in education. That job diverted me from that goal but it also made me realize how much I want to return to a position in education.

    I had practised my delivery over & over so that it sounded genuine, honest, and didn't make me sound bitter about the dumb jerks who had been my numbskull bosses.

    I got the job... eventually. But I had also said that same line in many interviews prior to that.

    Think of every question in terms of the job for which you're applying. They don't care about your personality the way someone you might date would: they want to know how you might fit in with their employees and clients.

    It wouldn't hurt to contact the person who interviewed you for this interview you mentioned and just be honest: "Hi, I'm Jane Doe. You interviewed me for the position of XX, in which I'm really interested, and I realize that I really flubbed some of the questions. I'd love the opportunity to show you how eager I am to join your team and would welcome a second chance to tell you more about the skills and qualifications I would bring to your company."

    You never know if it'll work! Doesn't hurt to ask.

    I got my current job b/c I stayed in touch with my (now) boss. The woman they had hired didn't work out and quit within 6 months, which meant that my boss was able to offer me the job without reopening it. Offered on Thursday, started on Monday.
  7. English Chick

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Quote:I agree with Jenn, contact the company, thank them for the opportunity to attend the interview and then go with what jenn said re the second chance..... Good Luck [​IMG]
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    I think it is always a plus to send a "thank you" note to the interviewer afterward--just a simple neatly hand-written note. Nice handwriting is also a plus. Good manners are so lacking these days that a note may remind the interviewer that you have people skills.

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