Why did Henny die?

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    Jul 11, 2011
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    I know that I don't have much info. She seemed fine to me last night. When we woke up this morning she was dead on the floor of the hen house. What should I look for to determine cause of death and what should I do to protect other girls. She had no visible injuries. Didn't act sick. When I have a chance to look her over I will give more info.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Chickens die unexpectedly fairly often. They are masters at disguising any weakness/illness/injury because if they didn't they would be driven out of their flocks by their peers and/or killed.

    A young, seemingly healthy chicken that drops dead unexpectedly is usually a reproductive issue or a heart issue. Another COD may be a startle causing her to fly into a wall, and breaking her neck or causing a liver laceration. If you do a necropsy I would look for all those things. These are things that would likely stand out, although the heart issue may be questionable.

    Sorry for your loss. Good luck.

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