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    I have my 1st tiny flock, 1 bo hen 1 campine 1 lt. brahma 1 splash andalusian, I never realized how entertaining and addictive raising chicken can be and how different every 1 of them are, ok so the different breeds will give different personalities, but I just love the stateliness of my little brahma I think maybe she is a banty, I must have pulled my chicks out of the banty box, I thought they were just the day old chick box, I kinda got
    lucky with that because my intention was to have 2 birds not 4 and designed the coop with just 2 in mind , the girls only sleep in there at night and seem to have plenty of room, The bo hen was given to me from someone on byc who was looking for a good home for her with no roos because she has a bad leg and doesn't put her weight on it, but she's been a great layer since the moment she joined my little flock, it was nice getting 5-6 eggs a week when my pullet were too young to lay, I was worried that when they out grew her she would go down the pecking order but at 25 weeks the girls are still 1/2 her size, she gets extremely upset when they go where she wont go, or she can't see where they are.
    What surprises me most about them is they actually stay within my 4" chain link fence, I guess if I had a larger flock it may have been a problem, but when the 2 flighty girls have gone over they have decided they didn't like it so much and came right back, now they don't even sit on the fence, and they can certainly fly WOW they see me from the other side of the yard and running isn't fast enough for them lol oh and I wish I did the meal worm thing when they were younger, my campine finally let me hold her and stroke her head, they love me but not enough to let me hold them till yesterday, what fun. everyone else in the family thinks I'm crazy, but I tell you I would be a chicken hoarder if I didn't have my dh, I've been getting 2-3 eggs daily the past couple of weeks my brahma is the only 1 not giving eggs yet but she looks ready so hopefully soon. thats my small story and while I type this now I hear the egg song what a joy! an hour later then yesterday woo hoo.

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    Yep, chickens are the best pets ever!
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    That is too cute of an avatar lauralou!
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    Quote:I second that! [​IMG]

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