Why did my birdie die?

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  1. When we went down to our earth home that we are using as a greenhouse, i noticed a chick acting funny. I held it, and looked at it carefully, its legs were weak, and it just laid there. other than that it looked fine. so we went and planted a few flowers and peppers and things, and when i was done with my flowers i went to check on them. it couldn't have been more than 2 hours, and the chick was laying there dead. I went out to bury it, and i checked its bottom. at first i thought it was clogged, but then i decided it wasn't. then i looked even closer, and there was like there was no hole there. just a layer of skin with the tiniest of tiny slit there. it wasn't normal. could the weak legs have something to do with the bottom? or what? I am really confused right now so any help would be greatly appreciated!
    - Haley
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    Feb 4, 2011
    I have a 10 month old buff orpington, 2 weeks ago one of them was favoring her left leg so I picked her up and checked her legs for bruses or bugs or something broken, But I did not find anything wrong other than when I pick her up one and sometimes both her legs queber and when I put her down she can not stand onher legs. she has been like that going on the third week, She eats and drinks. Any suggestions what her problem may be. ABEL
  3. I am so worried that something might go around in my chick pen and hurt the others!
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    Sometimes a chick just does not make it. "Failure to Thrive". I would not worry much unless you lose another.

    The first time I raised chicks I did not lose any. The second time I raised them I lost several. The birds that I lost were all from the same local breeder. I ended up losing all of his chicks. But I did not lose any from other sources. Then I heard of other people that had similar issues. I thought that his brooders were way too cold. I also know that he did not vaccinate. I will never know for sure what happened to them. I will never get chicks from him again. I mention this to point out that sometimes there is something wrong with the birds and there is nothing you can do about it.

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