Why did my brown egg layers just lay a white egg?


10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
I have two RI Reds and a Plymouth Rock. All lay brown eggs, but today one of them produced a fully formed and hardened white egg. Is this just a fluke? Or an indication? It looks fine. Is it safe to eat?

Is there any chance that the birds might be cross breeds? Could you post a picture of them to be sure of the breeds? I have never personally had a brown egg layer lay a white egg but maybe some of the more experienced people here can offer a good explanation.
One of my buffs layed a perfect white egg just as it would come from the store. They just started laying though a month ago and it was one of their first. I thought maybe she was just unexperienced.
The brown pigment is the last to be deposited on the shell and sometimes they get laid early. It's just a fluke like shell-less eggs and such that happen every now and again.

We have 2500 Hisex Browns and I see a couple of "rubber" and white eggs everyday.

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