Why did my chick die?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Skye727, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Skye727

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    I had a bantam cochin chick that was 6 weeks old die this morning. I had a broody Easter egger hatch out my eggs. Three of eight hatched and only one survived. I put her outside with the mama when it was pretty warm. I thought she was ok when it was getting cold and rainy. The Mom wasn't the greatest and didn't keep her very warm. I found her half dead in the dirt two weeks ago. I brought her in and put her in the incubator where she perked up and was fine. So she became the house chicken. We kept her in a kennel in the living room. She snuggled in a blanket with someone all day and I brought a Silkie hen in at night to keep her warm. Her and my disabled Daughter loved each other. She slept in Triniti's hair for hours. Triniti had less seizures when the chicke was with her. She smiled more too. It was adorable.The chick slept all day and wasnt' really active. She preferred to snuggle and sleep. If she was left in her kennel with the door open, she ran after me until I picked her up. Was she sick? Could the silkie have killed her? I want to know what happened!
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    Hummm... That's a mystery. I'm sorry she died! It's always tough to lose a pet, and this chick was a pet. All I can think of is that she simply didn't recover from her bought with being too cold - perhaps she was sick with something that wasn't obvious and didn't have the strength to fight it off. Hopefully, things will improve and you can try another hatch.
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    Sadly, without a necropsy there's just no way to know. Sorry for your loss.

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