why did my chicken die?


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9 Years
Jun 11, 2013
Cedar Hill, Missouri
I found my hen dead laying under a scrubby red bud tree. It appears that she had been dust bathing.I don't see any marks on her at all. We have poke berry growing in the yard, but I don't think she ate any berries. She had been laying eggs since Aug. 24, 2013. I've been putting out bowls of ground egg shells and feeding layer crumbles with some tables scraps on occasion. She forages in the yard with the rest of the chickens. The yard is completely fenced in.
Any ideas?? I've tried to attach a picture if that helps.
Any chance of a dog? I've had dozens of chickens killed by a dog, didn't have a scratch on them. I've also lost a couple of chickens to "sudden death", no clue what killed them and no other sick chickens.
There really is not enough info here to guess. I am not sure where you are but there are vets, university and some state run programs that will be necropsy for free or low cost so that you can find out exactly what happened. Here is a good place to start:


If you post in your states thread you might be able to get better info.
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I've been doing an autopsy of sorts. It looks like she had an internal injury. There is a big blood clot. Also her liver lots odd. I took a picture in case anyone can tell me anything helpful.

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