Why did the chicken cross the sea?

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Mar 13, 2018
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I saw this article in my son's National Geographic Kids magazine and I just had to share!


Here is the article:

Brittany, France
Why did the chicken cross the sea? To keep the sailor company!
Guirec Soudee and Monique have been sailing buddies for about 4 years, visiting places such as Antarctic, the Caribbean's islands and South Africa. The hen stands beside Soudee while he hoists the sails, and she catches fish that have flopped onto the deck. "I knew that this little chicken was as adventurous as I am," says Soudee, author of The Hen Who Sailed Around the World: A True Story.
Monique lives in her own cabin filled with straw, and she's been known to lay an egg on board. Chicken behavior expert K-lynn Smith says Monique probably has a better life than most chickens, with more space and sunshine. The pair are now in Brittany, France, planning their next adventure together. This chicken definitely isn't cooped up!
-Kitson Jazynka

I thought this was a pretty cool article.
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