Why didn't I know about this before I got my chickens...

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    I read up on chickens before we got our four girls this spring, and maybe I didn't remember reading about the shorter days slowing down their egg production, but I have 3 who are 7 1/2 months and still haven't laid a first egg, and one who started laying in September, stopped at the end of October (she went broody for a couple of days, then just quit for awhile) and just laid her first egg in over a month today. What is up with them? Do you think the other three could still start laying at any time or will they wait until next year?
    BTW, they look ready, red combs and wattles, one is squatting here and there. They go in and out of the henhouse and dig in the shavings very frequently, but they've been doing that for about a month.

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    I wouldn't worry too much if they're late to lay, it may keep them healthier in the long run.

    I deliberately slowed my pullets down when they were young by cutting a bit of their protein intake. This allows the laying mechanisms to mature so they have fewer egg-binding issues later in life and they just may lay longer into their older years.

    The short days do cause a reduction in laying, but they will lay. You might try giving the older ones a bit more protein to see if that may help.

    If all else fails, and they free range in the yard or elsewhere, look for a hidden clutch. I've found where they've stashed them before.

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    I have six polish hatched in March that still haven't laid an egg.

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    Not unusual. In my opinion they went through the heat of summer without laying and now that they are old enough to start laying, the winter months are setting in. Temperature/climate changes have a lot to do with production. Be patient and take a few minutes to check the yard if they are free ranging. It took me a couple of months to find that mine were laying eggs in the flower bed by day and the local posum was eating eggs at night.

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