Why do I feel so stressed out!?

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  1. I love my life! I love who I am and what I have been blessed with. I am not a worrier, I am normally perfectly content with not being in control. [​IMG] I am a contented person! Nothing is going on that should cause these feelings it seems.

    I have just been feeling stressed for it seems like no reason at all. I have a great husband, and a wonderful home, with the best 10 month old daughter in the world!

    I have noticed that when I eat better... I don't get those feelings as often. Could it be diet related? I hate feeling so frustrated and easily ticked off. I know as a woman... ha ha, that that typically happens easily once a month. But I have noticed it at strange times, and there seems no rhyme or reason to it.

    Does anyone else get that, stressed frustrated to death feeling it seems for no reason?? Just wondering! I'd love to know how to get rid of it! [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance.
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    Could it be your body's hormones are adjusting back to it's pre-baby state? They say it can take up to a year. I've had three children and I know I was the same way for a while after having them. Diet can definitely affect your moods as well. Try to stick with eating the foods you notice are making a difference and give it a couple more months for your hormones to get back in check. It's crazy how much they can impact you. Hang in there!
  3. Thanks! I was wondering if maybe my hormones hadn't made it back to normalcy yet. For the first couple months I suffered through some fairly bad "Baby blues" as they call it!

    I'll pay more attention to my diet!
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    Eating more carefully will certainly help! In addtion, consider that your life, priorties and routines have drastically changed in the last 10 months. Your worries, joys and attitudes have probably changed as well and that may take some getting used to!
    Have you made time for yourself lately? A special treat or a night out with you husband may help you to relax and ease the transition in your new life. Don't forget to take care of yourself!!! [​IMG]

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