Why do my baby chicks keep dying ?!!?!?!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by connor97, Jan 3, 2013.

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    So far we have had 4 rhode island red chicks die, and the final chick looks like its getting sick now as well. Could it be something wrong with the breed at the hatchery or something? My EEs and barred rocks are doing fine but the rhode island reds keep on dying! The chicks start to get lethargic and their eyes start to get droopy and they don't get up much before they die. Is there anything I can do too keep them healthy ?
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    When I first got our chicks I got 4. Within 2 days, one of them was fading fast. I never had chickens before and thought I did something terribly wrong. I separated it from the others, I held it in hopes of quieting it down a little and noticed it smelled terrible. I was sure something was seriously wrong. I called a couple of places for support and was told to provide cilantro as a natural detoxifier. I boiled water and cleaned out the entire brooder box and all contents. Changed bedding and placed the 3 healthy ones back in. They gobbled up the cilantro. The little weak one wouldn't eat or drink and didn't make it but the other three remain healthy and strong at this time.

    I called the place I got the sick one from and was told they got a bad batch of chicks and had lost many. All 4 were different breeds. The only breed with the problem was the sick one. The feed store said they lost a lot from that batch/ breed and offered me a free chick in exchange when they got a fresh batch in. I decided to give that one to a friend who wanted chicks after hearing my stories.

    p.s. my chicks LOVE cilantro and I buy it for them now about once a month. I have also added apple cider vinegar to their water as recommended on many threads here. So far so good.

    Wishing you best of luck - you may have just gotten a bad batch. Hoping you are able to save this one.
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    Assuming that they are being kept warm enough and are being fed a good chick starter, then at that age and with those symptoms I would suspect coccidiosis and I would treat the entire bunch with a round of Corid asap. Why it's only your rir's I don't know, it may well spread to others. I suppose it's possible they came to you not well but I really would suspect coccidiosis and treat for that to at least rule it out.
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    They were born/had with a disease. My chickens have also died from this. Especially if they were hatched in an incubator. I woke up one morning with 4 chickens lying dead with blood around them, it was very sad! But when my hen hatched chicks, they turned out fine and healthy. It is just bad luck, i'm sorry.

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