Why do my Muscovies go psycho?


8 Years
May 3, 2015
We have four chickens and two Muscovy hens, maybe a year and a half old or close to two. About every other month, one of them will stop laying, then the other. Maisie usually starts it, then Hazel follows into madness. Normally like puppies with feathers, they run from us, get aggressive with the chickens - ugh. Up until now, it's just been irritating, but last week it got dangerous.

Maisie starting picking on Hazel. I thought it was just a one-off thing until a couple of hours later I heard frantic, terrified peeping, so I ran to see what was happening. Poor Hazel looked like she'd been hit by a truck - her combs were all bloody and swollen, and she ran to mage like she does when she's in her normal state of mind. When I picked her up, she buried her head in my chest and peeped forlornly.

I separated them and treated Hazel injuries with Vetericyn and some Neosporin. I kept them separated for the whole week. Hazel recovered well. I thought Maisie had returned to normal and allowed them to stay together like usual, but the following day Maisie started harassing Hazel again.

So now I'm keeping them apart most of the time. They can see each other, but it keeps Hazel safe. Any idea why my ducks are so crazy?

Here's a pic of the damage
You can see the bill had been damage too. The other side looked just as bad but no bill damage.

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