Why do some chicks get beat up?


11 Years
Jul 18, 2008
Fountain, Florida
My oldest hens and 1 roo are 22 weeks now and the youngsters are 13 weeks. I got them all together awhile back and things have been just fine until last week. I have a polish with no pretty white feathers on his head (poor little guy has been plucked) and a white frizzle with no tail feathers. Why are they getting pecked at so bad? All was fine for over a month till last week. The little frizzle was so bad that we had to seperate her. At what point do I try and put them all together again? Will they ever all live together?
The old saying "birds of a feather stick together" is true. Many times if you watch a bird will pick on anything that looks different then they do. They may mellow with time but I would say to give them as much space as you can and have more then one feeder station and waterers placed about. In time they should establish a pecking order and settle down.
I don't know, that's a pretty big age difference. I would be reluctant to put birds of such different ages/sizes in together. Just a recipe for trouble, unless they are free ranging and have plenty of room to get away from each other.

You might have better luck putting the younger ones in together when they are all grown.
Thanks, I sure hope so
I just want them all to live together and be happy!

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