Why does my chicken sound like this

To me it just sounds like a teenage pullet, after they stop cheeping they often sound something like that.
They all sound (and look) lovely!
That you for your answer, when ever the others peep or say something she does it,she is a little diva and have a lot of things she want to say so it’s mostly when she gets a little angry or annoyed. She dosnt make much noice beside the one you heard in the video😊
I was going to post about this very thing just now but came across this post,- back story first! We have one little golden laced pullet that, excuse the term, is a little biatch! Lol. Ever since she was 3 weeks old (9wks now) she “back stabs” everyone! she also will yank their feathers out as they walk by 😡 there is NO reason for this behavior that we can tell. She’s just always been like that.

So, anyway, we have a time out space for her in the coop. After a few days, we let her out and she’s good for a couple good days, but then ultimately ends up back in time out. Ha! Well, this morning one of my white Brahma pullets was hanging around the Golden’s “time out” space, pacing back and forth outside the cage. She (the Brahma friend) then proceeded to make this goose like sound that I’ve never heard before! Body language indicated she was just not happy that her back stabbing friend was jailed AGAIN! I honestly thought I had a goose in there ha!! It’s funny because that same Brahma also seems to be top of pecking order even to my little roo. She’s probably pissed off that her friend is isolated again #meangirlsunite. 😂😂

So I’m assuming that is an ordinary chicken sound. 🤷🏻‍♀️

P.s the back stabber has 9 more weeks to get her personality in check or she’s going to be my chicken dinner. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂🤪
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No, it was the Brahma making the sound. The pullet biatch could careless if she’s imprisoned 😂😂 and I’m pretty sure all my brahmas are pullets as none have big combs or wattles. Just small ones that aren’t very dark in color
I was thinking your "back stabber" chicken is a cockerel. Do you have photos?
I was thinking your "back stabber" chicken is a cockerel. Do you have photos?
These are all 4 of my golden laced. When I go up I’ll get a pic of the back stabber since she’s isolated at the moment ha! They are approx 9 weeks old. My little cockerel Australorp doesn’t act mean at all like that 🤷🏻‍♀️


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I was thinking your "back stabber" chicken is a cockerel. Do you have photos?
Ok attached is the back stabbing feather plucker lol. I’m pretty sure it’s a pullet. It’s pouring rain today so the others are in visiting with her. When it’s nice out, they just tell her “it sucks to be you” and they all go hang outside lol she does get outside time, too, so don’t worry.


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