Why don't my silkies let me touch or hold them when I've handled them daily since a few days old????

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    Jul 7, 2015
    I am really confused because I keep hearing about how people who raised their silkies the same as I have, have very friendly silkies who will let them hold them and pet them. The only circumstance I see where a chicken won't do this is if that person bought the chickens when they were a lot older.

    So....what the heck is going on? I have a total of 5 silkies but two of them are still chicks so my question is for my 3 silkies that are 12 weeks old. Since a few days old I held them, talked to them, fed them treats and pet them daily. Once they got some of their feathers and a bit older I started to take them outside for fresh air (outside their brooder) and I would give them lots of treats while outside.

    While two of the silkies (who I'm sure are hens) are fairly calm, as soon as I go near them they take a step away with every step I take towards them. Also when I try to pick them up holding their wings down they make a lot of noise and struggle to get out of my hands. Even when I have treats for them and I call them, I always make the same calling noise and they won't come to me right away but when they do they go insane over the treats and eat out of my hand. Basically they just do not want to be touched at all. FYI I rarely pick them up from above as a predator, I try to already be squatting on the ground.

    The 3rd silkie is extremely skittish and runs far away as soon as I go near it. (which I'm thinking rooster because of how bossy he is) but when he was a chick he would sit in my hand and eat and let me hold him. (in the pic below the partridge, black and brown chicken on far left)

    I am very sad because the reason I bought these silkies was as pets with the benefit of fresh eggs. Is there anything I can
    do? What is wrong with my silkies?

    the bottom pic here is old but the only pic I have of all 3

    also just for fun.....here is one of the two young chicks that are about a month old, I just had to post because it has some insane mohawk action going on lol
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    Not sure there is anything wrong - they are just probably growing up and don't really like being petted so much. Mine (although not silkies) do the same.

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    Sep 28, 2015
    1 of my silkies doesnt like to be held, but instead likes to roost on my arm. Your silkies might be bored and could use something to do like some treats or a structre they can climb or play on. Hopefully time will just sort it out. Continue to try to hold them and be friendly

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