why i dont have any broody hen

Hi. :frow

Broodiness is hormonal and instinctual. Some hens will, others won't.

Only thing you can really do in my opinion to "encourage" broodiness... Is provide a constant (every day, not all night. Avoid rats) source GOOD nutrition not diminished by low quality treats, plenty of space that feels safe from predators, minimize flock drama, and a good secure lay box.

Although ANY breed *can* go broody... There are some breed that are *more* likely. Getting some of those breeds can help you get a broody.

My broodiest so far have been my Silkies and my French Black Copper Marans. Though I have had MANY others. Many people have good luck with Buff Orpington, Serama, and Cochin (though I'm not sure if the bantams are alleged to be broodier than the LF).

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