why I was worried about selling on craigslist - scam


11 Years
Jul 8, 2008
North Carolina
So I post on the local Craigslist and get this email:

I will like to know if the above item is still available for sale,
i will like to buy this item so pls i do want you to withdraw the
advert from Craigslist i dont mind giving you an extra $60 to add to
it cos i dont want to lose this this item. I will also like you to
know that i will be paying via check due to the distance as i am
located in Florida.I will need you to provide me with the following
information to facilitate the mailing of
the check.
1.Your full name
2.Your mailing address be it residential or postal address
3.Your phonenumber.
**I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping
i will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the check**
Have a nice day

when you read the rules this has all the fraud warning signs. I reported it. Hopefully they won't suspend my account.

I recently posted my first for sale listing on Craigslist and got almost an identical response. I replied sorry this is a cash sale only and never heard back from them.
I'm a lot meaner when I get people trying to scam me...I get very very annoyed when I'm honestly trying to make money and people waste my time and try to take money and things from me. They usually don't respond after I email them back. *glower*
Yea this goes on all the time.. just report it , I woudnt even reply to the person.. then they have your email. Also include on your ad : "local sales only in person" that usually stops the requests. I wouldnt worry about craigslist deleting your account.. you did nothing wrong.

I can't post out loud what I wrote back to the last scammer who contacted me through craigslist.

Of course, I doubt he could read English that well considering his grammar, but it made me feel better.
Those types of responses seem to be fairly typical on Craig's List (and dating sites, as well). They are usually easy to spot as the grammar is horrible and it's obvious the scammer's first language is NOT English. I don't know if reporting them does any good, though it certainly can't hurt. I just ignore them.

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