Why is my baby chicken shaking?

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  1. I answered and add and received 14 brown leghorns. They were all (14) kept in a cat litter cubby and in VERY poor health. Probably shouldn't have taken them. Seller stated that they were 5 weeks old. I see a major size difference from the biggest compared to the smallest, so I suspect two different batches. They are all feather pecked and bald except for the wing feathers. Major problem with stinking VERY badly! And one in particular is shaking. Her whole body shakes when she stands or walks and stops shaking when she roost down. I am not sure if she is diseased (my suspicion) and should be set aside or remain with the other 13? I have 11 other chickens, all in terrific health that are kept in another part of the property without contact.
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    I would separate her until you know what is wrong.. Are they under a light?
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  4. Yes, they are all under a lamp in a coop in the yard. Keeps them from peeping. She is eating and running with the flock but noticeably weaker than the others. I am giving them chick starter and water with a little vinegar in it for the vitamins.
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    poor baby. I know what you mean by not wanting to take them but you still ended up with them. I got two chicks from a grain store that literally had about 5 chicks per square inch. They were about four weeks old and almost no feathers. I felt horrible for them and even though I new I should take them home they came anyways. I still have both of them and they are my best layers.

    Try feeding mashed up egg too! Sometimes chicks won't take it at an early age but if you can get it into her it will deffinate give an extra boost. Also, make sure they stay warm.
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    give lots of vit B, sounds like what one of mine was doing, vit b therapy worked...
    aww poor things how can people sleep at night knowing how they are keeping their animals like that uhgg makes me mad..I hope they all get in good health soon...
  7. All is better now. The little chick did not make it through the next two days. However all of the others are much better in appearance and have started growing their feathers quite rapidly. I put the vinegar in their water and gave them all some scrambled eggs and lots of free ranging time (about 8 hours) in the garden every day. I can actually see the difference in appearance and growth of feathers in just 9 days. They still need more feather growth though. Very cool how they recover so fast.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Hey sir! I purchased 3 of those chicks from you around the beginning of September... [​IMG] Just thought you'd like a little update! All three are doing great, with beautiful feathers and awesome personalities.. Bobbi, Bolina, and Camilla are happy and healty, and almost full grown! We love our girls (im pretty much convinced they are all girls) and make sure they get plenty of time to hang out in the back yard, and have more than enough treats.. They have been an amazing addition to our household, and so far seem to be keeping the garden, and the whole back yard insect free! I havent gotten to hold one since they were babies, since they are flighty, as you described, but herding them in and out of the chicken run hasnt been a problem yet, although they would love to try to sleep in the orange tree, if we would let them!

    You were right about them being 2 different batches.. Bobbi and Bolina are both full sized full blooded brown leghorns, but Camilla is still about half thier size, with the grey legs.. seems like she is taking a bit longer to mature, and she is DEFINATLY not as flighty as the other 2... She is more curious then the other 2 and is always the first one to try new foods.. I have been meaning to post some pictures on here to see if anyone knows what she is crossed with..

    As we told you, we have a couple of Chihuahuas and housecats that share the backyard, and they all seem to get along just fine. Chickens are now bigger than Chihuahuas, so that helps, but the dogs are usually only interested in what the chickens are trying to eat, and the cats just want to be left alone in the sun.. the girls know that they rule our backyard!

    How are their sisters doing? Were you able to sell the rest? A few days after getting the origional 3, I had to stop myself from calling you up for a few more birds.. But I think if everything keeps going well we might be in the market for a couple of RIR, since yours was so gorgeous when we saw them! Your Coops are amazing, btw.. If anyone in the So Cal area needs a prebuilt coop that you could almost keep as a piece of furniture, Contact Chick Charm! Thanks again for everything man!
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    good luck with your chickens!!!!!![​IMG]

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