Why is my buff Orpington and light brahma so unfriendly/ skittish ?


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
Alright, so my buff Orpington is very hard to catch... She runs like the wind when I try to pick her up or go near her... This is the same with my light brahma... But also the brahma squeals if I catch her... When I give my other birds treats by hand, they will not come up to me... They aren't laying yet ... I got them as rescues and are 3-41/2 months.. Thank you so much any help will be greatly appreciated:) I got these breeds because I hear they were very friendly and like lap dogs lol;)
Any breed of chicken can be flighty or mean even if they are said to be calm lap chickens. Most chickens that are rescued don't get a lot of interaction with humans when they are young. Hopefully after a while your new hens will get used to people and stop being so skittish.
My first batch of chicks were not the friendliest, my Buff Orpington was one of the least friendly she would stray sometimes far away from the flock but she did get broody very often , I found that my Red Star was one of the friendliest ( I think it's because we nursed her back to health when she was hurt). If you interact with chicks at a young age they will most likely be more docile around people, this year I got some new chicks and interacted with them every day. Now they are about 9 weeks old and they run to me when I go outside and like to have neck rubs and be pet from neck to tail.
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