WHY is my roo doing this?

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12 Years
May 8, 2008
North Carolina
Two times in the past couple of days I have caught my roo in the act of beating up on a couple of my "teenage" pullets. Both times he had them cornered and was pulling their feathers out. He wasn't trying to mate with them, he was plucking them! What the heck is he doing to these poor little girls... and why?
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I could put him in my tractor but I'm afraid he will crow constantly, which would not be a good thing. On the other hand, I'd might better do that since we'll be on vacation in a couple of weeks and I'll have teenagers taking care of the chickens. It would be terrible if he really hurt one of the girls while we're away.
He's been such a good boy, this is the only thing that he's ever done that is a major no no in my book. Since he doesn't give us eggs he'd better not intentionally hurt the ones who do, or will do in the future.
is right!
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