Why is my rooster not crowing?


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Oct 24, 2014
I have had my rooster and hens for almost a year. He crowed from the time he was mature enough, but I recently I have realized that he does not crow at all. I thought it may be because of the colder weather, but I live in TN and it has not been that cold. My hens have also not layed a single egg in about a month. The weather has been very sporadic around here lately so honestly I just attributed no eggs to that. That is how it went with my hens last year anyway. Should I be concerned that he is not crowing. Because other roosters in my area are, but he is not.


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Jul 16, 2015
They might be getting ready to molt, have you noticed their combs shrinking, and extra feathers on the ground. Although chickens will breed year round, they do have hormonal surges, in Spring, and time when hormones wane, late fall into winter, he may not be feeling manly, or have as much interest is mating right now, most of my older roosters are crowing less and only mating the two or three hens that are still laying, only the young ones are crowing regularly.

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