Why is one of my chicks constantly shivering/shaking?

Mary Coleman

7 Years
Sep 22, 2012
North Eastern Oregon
Hello. I have 13 chicks in a large wooden crate and all are growing well but one of my chicks is constantly shivering. She eats,
drinks, interacts, and is developing the same as the others, but she is just constantly shaking they are under a heat lamp and it gets pretty hot during the day( about 90 degrees or so) and about 50 degrees night. She has all of her feathers exept a few on her head Anybody have any ideas?
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When I first read your post, it jumped out to me. It sounded like a chick that I had. That chick had merricks disease. I think it would be wise to research this. It can be researched here on this site. Separate asap.

I am not a vet. I am not 100% sure as there is a lot of information that is needed further to assess. But I would look into helping this chick even if that meant culling.

Wish ya the best.
That is a bit ironic because this is the first time that I have chosen to have the chicks get a merricks disease vaccination. I ordered them from ideal about 3-4 weeks ago. I it possible to cure it?
What I don't understand is that a lot of things are saying that it is highly contagious and she has been shaking for quite some time now and I just thought that she would grow out of it but it has been going on for a while and none of my other chicks are doing this. They seem perfectly healthy. Her eyes are clear she can stand, run, jump, flap her wings. She is just shakey. Is it possible that she just has fever or something? Haha I'm sorry if I sound very dumb right now I'm just very concerned. Please help.

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