Why is she perching here??


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
I know some chickens love to perch on top of the coop but could something be wrong with her??
I came out to lock the coops up and found her here.
Flying Eagle always sleeps inside and is usually one of the first birds to go to sleep before it's dark. The coop has plenty of space so it can't be that.
The coop that she's on is the brooder coop.

I'm looking for serious answers.

Flying Eagle.jpg
I don't think anything has to be wrong, other than she changed her mind about where to perch, so far just one night. I have a recovering pullet in our house that for most of 2 week slept perched on my left side Rib Cage, covered with a towel. Out of the blue, she spent 3 nights perched on a Shelf over our Head board. Just when I thought she was settled, she returned to perching on my side...JJ
how old is she? do you have any chicks in the brooder right now?, do you have non crested with crested in the flock that could be picking on her?

I have had an 8 week old pullet want to raise chicks before and did play momma to 4 little chicks.
She's 14 weeks old.
And nobody is picking on her aside from feeding time but that's normal for our flock.

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