"Why is there a chicken in my room?"

Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex

10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Rogue Valley, S. Oregon
Two nights ago, we brought Lightning, our 5 month old silver laced polish pullet inside after dark and gave her a haircut. Poor dear was so blind she seemed lost all the time and was dubbed 'the friendliest chicken we have' simply because she can't see you coming to avoid being picked up. So we trimmed he frill a bit around her eyes and took her back to bed. We have 1/3 acre fenced off just for the chickens in the back. Its gated to allow us in, but keep the dogs out. The kids can't open it.
This morning, my room mate noticed a bit of chicken poo in the corner of his bedroom. He meant to ask who had a chicken in the house, but it slipped his mind. Around noon he went in to get something and said "Why is there a chicken in my room?" and I walked in to see Lightning standing calmly in front of the ferret cage just staring at them.
How did she get there? The dog door is almost too big for our full grown cat to open, and he knows how it works. The kids deny bringing her inside or even having picked her up at all this week. One of the dogs wouldn't touch her and the other has been known to kill chickens. So all options have at least one large improbability in the way.
We are so bewildered!
The kids did it! When I was a youngster my mom always caught me hiding a chicken in my bedroom. To this day I have no idea how those chickens appeared in my room. I blamed my big brother who blamed my sister who would never get near a chicken so she blamed the other brother who blamed me. At that point I would say the horse opened the door and the chicken must have come in. If that didn't work I'd say the screen fell out of the window and the chicken must have come in that way. Didn't matter. The chicken was in my room and I had to wash dishes for a month.

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