why oh WHY can't I say NO? (orphaned kittens)

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  1. so, I'm going out of state tomorrow, up to Ohio to a friend of my mothers, why am I going there?, I'm going there to pick up two litters of kittens [​IMG], the first litter JUST turned a week old, the mother just up and disapeared two days ago, and my mom's friend is bottle feeding them, but she she works ALOT and can't take care of them (there are 6, 3 males and 3 females, the males are black and the females are tortis or calicos, I can't remember), the second litter from the same person, is 4 weeks old, and THIER mother also disapeared about two days ago, so my moms friend thinks someone either killed them ,or took them, they were very friendly cats, but she also has a B**** A** neighbor who doesn't like cats.

    this litter is 4 all boys, apparently they are "the most gorgious longhaired white, with black spots!" my mom called me and asked if i wanted to take the trip with her, mind you this was at 5am this morning!, i remember saying "yeah whatever" and going back to sleep, ofcourse I can't take it back, or I'll never hear the end of it x.x

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    Well, if you have the time to take care of them and the finances, I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm sure you'll find good homes for them, and they'll be great pets having been hand-raised.

    I had to find homes for 10 kittens earlier this year, 1 went to my sister (the runt), one to my hubby's worker, one to an older couple replacing a very spoiled former cat, one to my SIL, one stayed with us (he had a slightly prolapsed rectum and I didn't think amyone would want him), and the other 5 went to a petstore and were sold w/in a week! The petstore sold them for about $70 as they give their 1st shots, worm them, and also give the new owner a spay/neuter certificate.

    If you go this route, get them on the petstore's waiting list when the kittens are about 2-3 weeks old, that way when the petstore has room for them they'll be ready. Good luck with the kitties, and God bless you for caring. [​IMG]
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    It's wonderful that you are helping them! There are SO many kittens this time of year, it's terrible. We rescued a kitten from the local shelter two years in a row. The cages are absolutely stuffed with kittens. They even had playpens on the full of them. I mean, you could not even get a good look at the poor animals, it was hard to know which one to rescue! Eventually, they just started putting them down right when people brought them in. So sad, I don't know WHY people don't just spay and neuter. It can't be any more expensive than feeding, buying litter, and getting vaccinations for all those kittens year after year. But, then again, they probably don't even do that much. It really is sick. I just want to [​IMG] those people. [​IMG] . Okay, rant over.

    Anyway, you will have a lot of work to do, but it is certainly worth it. They will get really attached to you! [​IMG] At least the older ones already had there mom for a while, but some hand-raised kittens are never quite right. I hope that's not the case for you. Good luck!
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    I say good for you. It's good to hear about someone willing to do what they can for orphaned kittens. I understand about the not saying no part. We adopted a cat as a barn cat that showed up in our yard 2 months ago that just had 6 kittens yesterday. We plan to keep a few and adopt out the rest to good homes once they're old enough and have been spayed/neutered.

    Good luck to you with the little babies. [​IMG]
  5. We are leaving tomorrow around 6am, I can say yuck I am NOT a morning person, but we are leaving that early, so we can go and get back by sunday morning, I have to work sunday evening, but LUCKILY my boss is VERY understanding so has said I could bring them smallest kittens in with me, infact she wants two of the older ones once they are about 8 weeks for her grouchy old cat, she thinks it'll lighten her up.

    having grown up on a farm, and having had unaltered cats (and always will have a few) myself, i see nothing wrong with letting the cats do what they do, SO LONG as it is controlled, and the cats are well taken care of, but thats niether here nor there, my mom's friend is a vet, and knows full well the importance of altering her cats, but she also raises pigs, and goats, and cattle and so had feed which equals mice, and lots of them, she has a BAD predator problem there too, and loses on average two or 3 cats a year. all of her cats, 9she actually only has 5 outdoor cats, of which the two momma's who are gone, a mother and daughter were the only intact females, she has no males except for a fat old indoor male named Budah.

    at anyrate, I have actually only bottle fed kittens a couple times, and it's actually quite hard! I bottle fed a litter of baby rats from 7 days old and they were much easier!, kittens are a pain to get to go potty, because in my experience you have to have a cloth of towl that is like mom's tongue to a T, or they won't go, I've lost a couple kittens to bloat that way [​IMG]

    but I'll give it my best, I won't be keeping any of these, so long as i can find them good homes
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    Have a safe journey! and bring back pictures [​IMG]

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