Why oh why do I do this to myself? Brought home a new roo....


14 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
I have a plethora of little cockerels and roos running around my yard that I've promised my husband I'd re-home. 7, to be exact. I'm also trying to find good homes for older hens to make room in the coop for the new layers. Basically, I have too many chickens for coop space and no moola to build a new coop. All the little roos are making my hubby crazy. In addition, I'm trying to get started on a nice-quality flock of bantam cochins so they are going to live permanently in the old grow-out coop that is currently inhabited by the new layers while they wait for vacancies in the big coop. So the nice-quality chicks that are waiting for the grow-out coop are in a rubbermaid tub in my computer room.... they're now 12 weeks old and the crowing of the little cockerel in the house is adding to my hubby's insanity.

So what did I do yesterday? I brought home an OEGB cock from the fair. I don't have any other OEGB's. Why did I do this??? Why can't I say no to more birds? So now I have an additional rooster in my house because there's nowhere for him to be isolated outside since both coops are full to the brim. And of course he's crowing LOUDLY. He's really friendly to the people, and my kids have been packing him all over the house. And even though we know it's not wise, the kids introduced him to the bantam cochin cockerel in the computer room and he tried to fight with the little guy.

What the heck is wrong with me???
What in the world am I going to do with this new little rooster???
Whewww I thought I was the only one with a rooster obsession! LOL I feel for ya I am in the same boat, had 8 roosters and went to pick up 5 new seramas from a local lady and brought home another cockrel
It's a sickness I tell ya with no cure
I was thinking about building a little make shift bachelor pad with scrap wood laying around....
I'm in the same boat, but my addiction makes me incubate eggs instead of buying actual living chickens, now. I, too, have a plethora of little cockerels running around in my yard. Plus two more (with 5 pullets) in a grow-out coop. I just can't initiate serious "re-homing" procedures for any of them. They're .... MINE. MINE MINE MINE. (Like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.) And they're so freakin' cute.

Carl the Main Man, an LF EE - he's the Guy. First here (accidental roo) and Forever King.

2 Silver Sebright cockerels, Alex and George.
A bantam Buff Brahma, George. He's so pretty and such a gentleman roo! Also mucho bravo!
A bantam mottled Cochin, Nugget. OOOOOH he's such a cutie! His crow is still a kazoo playing one note: Errrrr!
The aforementioned cockerels in the grow out coop: Olive Eggers, as yet un-named.

Six chicks in an outside brooder for "hardening off."
Six Jersey Giant chicks in inside brooder.

Six incubators full of eggs.

What the HECK is wrong with me??????
Before yesterday I had 3 adult roos:
Lloyd, a bantam cochin, and the big boss of the yard. The kids would revolt if I re-homed him. Plus he's named after my dad.

Geronimo, a polish, who is bottom of the pecking order and never has a tail. He's so cute though!

Leroy, a silkie, and 2nd in command. Named after my dad's best friend. I've got a replacement cockerel for him, nicer quality. LOL

And 5 youngsters:
Alfalfa, a bantam sultan, just a few months old. He can go.

Ugly Sid, a bantam cochinXpolish, and the kids favorite. He's cool-looking, how can he go away? Except he's a rapist. Won't leave the girls alone.

Wyatt, a bantam GLW, who's too pretty for his own good, but I'm not too attached. He only won a red ribbon at the fair, anyway.

Stupid, a hatchery silkie who is mean to all the girls. Hate him. He needs to go away.

Blackie, a hatchery bantam cochin who can go away.

AND THEN... in the house:
Jack, my pretty pretty black bantam cochin boy who is 12 weeks old today. He's a keeper, for sure.

Kung, my pretty pretty blue silkie who is 12 weeks old today. He's also a keeper. Definitely.

And added yesterday:
Dude, the new OEGB roo. So cute and flashy and tiny! How could I resist???

Stupid me. This is just wrong.

And I can't very well eat 'em. 4 are bantams and not worth the time to process. 1 is half-bantam, and too cute to butcher. And the others are either keepers or too old and tough to swallow.

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