Why so many post on hawk arrack?


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Dec 25, 2011
Seems to me, I am reading more about hawks killing chickens then I have in the past. What are your experience with hawks in past years?
Weather patterns change. There are wildfires, droughts, etc.

Also, a certain non-native invasive species has been booming in numbers and decimated natural prey populations almost everywhere, forcing hawks and other native predators to go after chickens.
Where I am in North Carolina there are plenty of hawks. I just lost one of my silkies to a hawk about 2 weeks ago. The chickens were under a big bush and the hawk just came down and landed in among them. The hawks here seem to be pretty hungry.
This is my first winter raising chickens and I have to say I lost 5 since October. Three have been hawk and the other two I'm not sure because there was no evidence. I have been reading threads on this topic for a couple months now and a lot of people are asking this same questions. I know I can't help you with answering my experience with hawk attacks in past years. But I'm sure experience chicken owners will chime in soon
Been seeing red shoulder hawks the past 2 years and I didn't even know they lived in this area. Lost 1 hen and 1 was attacked and survived.
Do you mean domestic cats? I'm curious....

We've got a mating pair of red tails and a Cooper's Hawk that are keeping us busy. The bantams free range and have become the Red Shirts. I walked outside just in time to save Florence the Buttercup from the Cooper's Hawk last week. He had her in his talons and was trying to get airborne when I scared him. I'm making scarecrows for the chicken runs next week. Not that will do any good, but at least I will feel like I tried....
Yep, but I refer to them as "giant rats" due to the uncanny resemblance.

In lots of places, all the quail and rabbits have been completely wiped out. There are papers that mention that since cats will kill just for fun, they'll kill all the prey animals and not just what they eat, leaving nothing for native predators (at least those that don't like carrion).

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