Why some of my eggs not hatch

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    Feb 14, 2010
    THanks to the BYC website I have made me a homemade incubator out of a styrofoam cooler. I have had two batches of eggs in it. the first batch I hatch ONE... jsut one [​IMG] chick the second batch I got 4 out of it. My questions is ... I've candled my eggs and weeded out the unfertilzed eggs & such & even candled my eggs.. they appeard normal. when it comes to for them to hatch on this last batch I got 4 to hatch and three made baby chicks.. but never hatched. when I cracked the eggs open. the baby chick was there with some yellow yoke and look like some of the insides didn't develop or something.. What Am I doing wrong? Why are some hatching and the others make baby chicks just not hatch?
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    Do you open it during lock down? Did you raise the humidity before lock down? I have a havabator and I hand turn and some just don't hatch, I get a lot of babies but it seems some just don't make it? Nature takes its course, only the strong survive! The yoke I think is absorbed right before they hatch so that's why it's there. I had a few last time that looked shrink wrapped? That happends when you open the bator up during lock down and the humidity rushes out and they get shrink wrapped by the membrane? I hope some of this helps? [​IMG]
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