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    Feb 4, 2008
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    :thun Tragedy has struck our small quite little home.... I had 16 bantam Polish eggs in the bator and at day 19 I could hear one chirping... day 21 nothing and now day 23 and still silence! I was worried because they were shipped eggs that they might not hatch but was so thrilled on day 19 to hear the little peeps...Now gloom has set in...I'm still in denile and the eggs are still in the bator.... I just am having problems letting go. I know I should open one to see what it looks like but I can't bring myself to do it just in case it may still be alive... Should I wait or should I just start opening eggs???
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    I would open it. Especially "just in case it is alive"
    It needs to breathe. Give it a little airhole to breathe out of. Your incubator's humidity might be low and they are unable to hatch themselves because of a dried membrane. [​IMG] It is harder for them to hatch out of that membrane then the eggshell itself.

    GOOD LUCK!! [​IMG]
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    aww i know how you feel :aww

    but since it's past day 21 i would candle the eggs to see if there still alive? cuz you don't want to throw away live chicks so my best bet is to candle them first
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    I would pip the air cell end and take a look you might still have a few that are still alive. Your humidity might have been on the low side and they can't get out on their own now.

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