WHYWHYWHY AVALYNN! Need kitten advice

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Sep 6, 2009
Fayetteville, NC
So some of you know I got Avalynn, 2 weeks ago actually. Well since I lock her in my room during school, so the dogs don't kill her, today I adopted her a friend. His name is Tyler (Ty). AVVY HATES HIM! She isn't being her self. Popping the mess out of him, growling, hissing, chasing him from her food. She attacks him any time he moves. It's not bad when they are roaming the house, occasional chase, but in my room, it's war. I just took him to mom, and Avvy settled down and is eating. IDK what to do. We just got him from a local rescue, hes not mean at all, so I can't stand to take him to a rescue or shelter. It's not fair to him, but Avvy was here first. Should we just keep him in a room with grandma or something or rehome him? He's 6 weeks.

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Mar 10, 2008
You said you just got him today, give her a few days. How would you feel if your mom got you a new sibling and put you two in a room together for hours. I don't mean to sound mean and I really am not trying to be, she probably just needs time. It should work out!


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Jan 28, 2009
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I dont know much about problem kittens but, maybe you can keep them in the same room but the new one in a kennel crate while your at school and give them time to get used to one another...like chickens. gotta be worth a try. I think they will settle down.

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Jun 27, 2008
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Ok.. first of all, you have to realize that cats aren't the most social animals in the world and are TERRITORIAL. Avalynn has claimed your house as hers and she doesn't want to share it, regardless how old Tyler is. The fact that he is also a male may have something to do with it too. They will just have to get used to each other. Once she realizes that he's staying, then she may (or may not) accept him.


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Mar 12, 2009
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You need to separate them and re-introduce them slowly! Slowly being over the course of a week, not a few hours... Your Avalynn "Owns" your room, it is HER territory and now you've allowed this invader in, she is miffed, but if you can keep Ty in another room for a couple of days so that she gets used to his smell, that will start to help, then feed them at the same time on opposite sides of a closed door, It lets them get used to the Idea of eating together without all of the stress and territorial stuff. After several days of this you can try supervised play time, but you will most likely still have to separate them at feeding time for a while. Also, you will most likely need 2 litter boxes for a while. Since Avy has shown a major Territorial response she will have big issues using the same box as Ty. Good Luck! and have patience, There is a good chance all will work out in the end.

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Apr 23, 2009
A couple of months after we got our first kitty, we decided she needed company since we were gone all day. When we brought home the new "friend" they just sat on the steps and hissed at each other. There were no real fights, and eventually they got used to each other. Just give them some time, and they should be fine. Maybe they need separate food dishes for a few days, though.


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Sep 8, 2007
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It's because they're from different litters, different sexes, both not sexed, and the female has staked the turf as hers. I would have gotten another female cat instead of a male, a female accepting a male is the worst situation. usually a male will acept a male, or a female a female. But hopefully they'll get used to each other with time.

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